World News:

Yet another amazing Google I/O
During its annual keynote, Google made – as usual – plenty of announcements. When it comes to Voice and Voice assistants, the key takeaways were the availability of Google Duplex on the web, the speed of the new Assistant, the ability to dictate and send emails by Voice, a new driving mode emphasizing voice as the command input. Google also presented lots of improvement on Android and the introduction of a new and cheaper Pixel phone. This shows that Google is focusing on the phone as a key device for voice and the company is trying to leverage its assets (penetration of Android phones, Android developer community) there. Link (Google)

Alexa Live: an event for the developer community
Just days before Google I/O and its tons of announcement and peek into the future, Amazon organized a live event called….Alexa Live. The event was meant for Alexa developers and offered different tracks such as design, tools, multimodal and monetization. It is fair to call it a success, given that more than 80’00 developers attended and that the event was rich in terms of content.  For those who missed it, you can access the recordings and resources here: Link (Amazon)

Google and advertising (continued)
Is this advertising or not? Google keeps trying new things on Google Home and the question that keeps coming back is “is this advertising or not?”. The latest Google experiment is to put forward promotions at given stores via their voice assistant. So if you ask “where can I buy beers near me”, Google will respond with the current promotions at nearby stores. Not advertising as the shops are not paying for it claim some…but the shops put forward are those part of a merchant program called “local products feed”. So, no real advertising, but we are getting close. No surprise there. Link (Voicebot)

Harvard Business Review digging into Voice
The world-famous management magazine, a fully owned subsidiary of Harvard University published a series of articles regarding Voice and how the shift in user interface will impact a wide range of industries. Definitely a recommended reading. Link (Harvard Business Review)

European News:

Wich Voice to replace Alexa, Siri and Google? The Brits have an opinion.
Not much news in Europe this week…except this funny survey in The Mirror in the UK about which voices would Brits prefer to replace the likes of Siri and Alexa. Nothing to learn from it really, but a fun read. Link (Mirror)


Alexis Hue

Alexis Hue

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