Acquire high-quality users for your Alexa skill


Because great Alexa skills deserve great growth

User Acquisition Setup

Get ready to scale User Acquisition: we set up the user acquisition analytics platform for you and connect it to your skills. We also structure the various accounts with publishers or programmatic platforms and set up the relevant tracking links so that everything is wired and ready to go.


Lastly, we coordinate with your team and/or conduct market research to identify the most promising channels and creative sets.

User Acquisition Management

We help skill publishers like you reach their audience. This requires rapid experimentation and effective budget optimisation. Our campaign managers systematically explore targeting combinations and monitor performance around the clock.


We share our insights and next steps on a weekly basis, along with complete visibility on where budgets are being spent as we believe transparency allow great conversations.

Creative Set Optimization

Social media are both among the best performing acquisition channels for Alexa skills and very creative-driven channels. Finding high-performing creatives through systematic testing is one of the biggest levers to achieve profitable and scalable results.


Our in-house design team create ads specific to the channels we promote your skill on based on previous findings. We test different concepts to find creatives that outperform the rest.

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