What is a Voice Measurement Partner (VMP)?

A Voice Measurement Partner (VMP) is an attribution tool that records the source of new users for a given voice app such as an Alexa skill for example. A VMP gives marketers a “source of truth” for calculating the efficiency of marketing campaigns when it comes to user acquisition. Just like Mobile Measurement Partners (MMP) such as Adjust or Appsflyer are for mobile apps, a VMP such as Voxalyze is for voice apps.

Why do you need one?

While an Alexa skill publisher can monitor the number of enablements for her skills on the developer console and new users on her internal dashboard, those data are insufficient to drive user acquisition for three reasons:

  1. The data provided by platforms such as Amazon Alexa is simply not sufficient. Amazon provides enablement information but no indication of the source (voice activation or online activation), neither on the medium (ie. paid, earned, or otherwise) of each individual source.
  2. To run user acquisition efficiently, marketers need to constantly tweak and optimize their campaigns, ad sets, ads, keywords, creatives…etc. A VMP allows skill publishers to measure the impact of those changes and therefore to optimize the performance of the various components of their campaigns.
  3. Publishers need more information on their audience to adapt their marketing efforts. Without a VMP, it is impossible to know the users’ location, their demographics (sex, age,), their behaviors, interests…etc. Once connected to advertising platforms such as Facebook or Google, a VMP will surface valuable information.

The Voice Bites series is a collection of short (200-500 words) articles on topics spanning Skill Store Optimization, User Acquisition, and Analytics for Alexa skills. Voice & You is a growth consultancy specialized in voice apps such as Alexa skills.

Alexis Hue

Alexis Hue

Alexis is the founder of Voice & You, a voice growth consultancy. With his strong background in marketing and user acquisition for digital services, he advises brands, publishers and developers on how to grow the audience of their voice apps.